Facts about the NutriSystem Diet Plan - Glycemic Index to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Published: 16th August 2008
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NutriSystem is a nationwide diet plan that has had much exposure. The plan was originally catered to woman but more recently it offers men some great options as well. The company has also made some new plans for people who suffer from diabetes and need special diets to keep the blood sugar level in check. Also they have a vegetarian program that seems to be working well for people who do not like to eat meat.

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NutriSystem is similar to the Glycemic Diet and it basically follows the glycemic index. Basically the diet consist of foods that have a direct affect with blood sugar. If you eat foods with a high glycemic index number then this will cause more insulin to be sent into the bloodstream creating you to feel more hungry and you will then eat more. The plan focuses on eating foods that have a lower glycemic index number that will allow for the blood sugar level to be more constant and this will cause you to have more energy and be more satisfied throughout the day.

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All the food by NutriSystem is prepackaged and delivered to you every four weeks. Each package contains easy to prepare foods that do not require that you refrigerate them. The food contains the needed low index food that will provide the nutrients that you need to have a healthy diet. It is important to stay on the plan so that you get the health benefits as well as loosing weight.

The Plan also does encourage you to add low fat dairy items, fruits and salads to the meals that you eat. One of the main issues is that you do not eat too many carbs and stay with higher protein items. It is ok to have carbs that are from whole grains but stay away from processed foods because they cause the blood sugar levels to rise.

The NutriSystem plan is designs to work without exercise but as always it is good to find a exercise that you are comfortable with doing even if it is in small moderation.

The meal plan can be a little pricey but considering the price of eating out it could be well worth it.

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